Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Winter Camping Trip

Three father and son pairs joined Ravenwood guest instructor, Luc Tunkel for an awesome weekend on Crane Mountain near Bigfork.  We built three different style snow shelters, had some solo time, did a little tracking, learned how to harvest and fashion primitive arrows, took some spins with the hand drill,  shared meals and stories, and enjoyed getting to know each other around the fire.  Special thanks to Saddlehorn and Flathead Lake Lodge for the support and access to their incredible property.  

Post your winter adventures and tell us what you're learning this season!


  1. Brett and Luke

    Thanks so much for the great weekend!

    Pat and John McDonnell

  2. ditto that, from Earl and Arthur (and Martin). Invigorating and educational weekend... if only it could have lasted longer! (at least until we got out bows built... ;-)